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NCR New Delhi Properties Listings

buy and lease property by browsing our ncr new delhi properties listings

NCR Delhi Real Estate Listings

Within our NCR New Delhi properties listings, select your choice of retail real estate, office space, guesthouse realty, industrial plots and commercial property on rent or sale !

For Sale

Guesthouse For Sale In South Delhi

Rs.500,000,000 / Outright
3 years ago
20,000 SqFt

For Sale

For Sale

Office For Sale In Gurgaon

Rs.68,500,000 / Outright
5,000 SqFt

For Sale

Retail Property For Sale In Gurgaon

Rs.46,500,000 / Outright
2 years ago
3,430 SqFt

For Sale

Showrooms For Sale In Gurgaon

Rs.40,000,000 / Outright
3 years ago
1,500 SqFt

For Sale

For Sale

For Sale

For Sale

Shop For Sale In Noida

Rs.17,000,000 / Outright
3 years ago
650 SqFt

For Sale

For Sale

DLF Cross Point Shop For Sale

Rs.13,500,000 / Outright
525 SqFt

For Sale

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Buy And Lease Property In Gurgaon / Noida / Close-by

View NCR New Delhi Properties Listings containing workspaces, showrooms, hospitality premises, godowns & homes.

Commercial Property Or Office Space

Rental yield on residences is about 3% vs. around 7% per annum in work spaces in India, making it an attractive option for investors.

Retail Real Estate

Showrooms are the favorite choice when it comes to investment in realty in the country.

Guesthouse Realty

On the footsteps of AirBNB, OYO etc., some foreign firms are launching projects offering B&B, co-living spaces and service apartments in India.

Warehouse Premises

Quality godowns are in demand as E-commerce companies need warehousing facilities for storage purposes.

Other Kinds Of Realty

  • Never purchase an industrial land / premises for investment purpose. It generates the lowest rate of capital appreciation here.


  • Do not make the mistake of buying a residential home with a dual intention of investing and actual use.


  • An investment realty is the one offered at reasonable rates, under construction by a top builder in a location with future potential.

Buy and lease property by browsing our NCR New Delhi properties listings above. Purchase investment realty for regular rental yield.

We also present top class solutions in the form of sales, rentals, management, maintenance and collaboration options to landlords.

Contact us in case looking to sell, collaborate or rent-out vacant office space, retail real estate, guesthouse realty or commercial property.

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