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Compare Delhi Noida Gurgaon Properties

compare delhi noida gurgaon properties and real estate prices and property sizes

Compare Delhi Noida Gurgaon Properties Prices And Property Sizes

Compare Delhi Noida Gurgaon properties by evaluating the difference in real estate prices through our property list !

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Real Estate Prices In Locations Of New Delhi NCR

Study the contrast in types of realty and property sizes available in & around the suburbs of national capital by scrutinizing the comparison chart.

Variation In Realty Rates In Gurugram / Gautam Budh Nagar / National Capital

In general, asset values in South Delhi are the highest, followed by Gurgaon and Noida in descending order.

Remember – In India, a builders brand value is a very important factor in this regard.

For ex. – Rates in a premium sector of Gautam Budh Nagar may sometimes be even more expensive than the costing of an identical realty in the national capital.

Diversity In Property Sizes In Gurugram / Noida / National Capital

Dimensions of properties in South Delhi are lower as compared to larger admeasurements in the same range found in Gautam Budh Nagar & Gurugram.

In general, the largest measurements begin with industrial followed by residential, commercial, institutional, retail & hospitality segment respectively.

As for property sizes, in descending order it is more likely to find :

  • A huge spread of warehouse land.
  • A smaller stretch of residentiary plot.
  • Even lower dimensions in commercial sites.
  • And the smallest areas for shopping & hotel lots in the Delhi Noida Gurgaon properties market.

Hi-rise Buildings In Gurugram - Video by Adi Dutta

Compare Delhi Noida Gurgaon Properties From A Broad Angle

Mentioned below – Some Key Differences Between The Three Zones –


  • Normally, Delhi and Gurugram realty carries a freehold status whereas Noida is leasehold.


  • Real estate prices for premium residential land in the national capital will always remain far costlier than the same variety in the other 2 towns.


  • Broadly speaking construction of new large scale projects is non-existent in Delhi. Conversely, Noida and Gurgaon are witnessing a massive activity.
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